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Art piece on Madiba

Ropate Valemei
Monday, December 16, 2013

THE late Nelson Mandela's painting, Madiba, was featured at the Leleuvia Island Resort Art Exhibition over the weekend.

And this time it was not sketched from the acrylic paint on a canvas but from different coloured soils from different places in Fiji on a piece of masi.

Artist Jaabi Faarai said he was inspired to paint Mr Mandela purely because of his peace work that he had for South Africa.

"Madiba, which is Mandela, passed away lately and I thought to myself that I should do a painting. I used his photos that we see every day on the internet," said Faarai

His painting also included one of the peaceful villages in South Africa.

"South Africa is a very peaceful country. It happened to be in a mess because of influences. When you visit a village in South Africa, you feel Fiji."