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Love like no other

Dawn Gibson
Monday, December 16, 2013

THE Catholic Church in Fiji has called on married couples to be more loving and intimate in their relationships.

Church head Archbishop Peter Loy Chong said marriage was an important aspect of the church and how a couple lived their lives could reflect on the future of their children, their families and the nation.

"If you have good couples, you have good families, good families make good communities and good communities make good societies," Archbishop Chong said during the church's last session of Marriage Encounter for 2013 yesterday.

Marriage Encounter national leader Father Michael McVerry said if the country was filled with more loving couples, this would be reflected in the children they raised.

Creating such intimacy within a marriage, he said, could change the nation and provide a wonderful example of humanity to the world at large.

Marriage Encounter is a movement within the Catholic Church which is open to couples of all denominations.

Speaking at the workshop which he co-ordinated through the Tutu Rural Training Centre, Father McVerry said when a marriage relationship WAs good, "the couple can discuss issues that arise with regard to their life and to their children, work, family commitments, finances and all that".

"What we are about is teaching a communication technique that enables men and women to share openly, honestly and trustingly with each other without being judgmental. We really believe in marriage, we're not counsellors, but we're all about good marriages, to make the good better, the better great and the great saints."

He said the world could do with a lot more love and intimacy, and Fiji could well set the example.

"The world is hungry today for intimacy, we have a lot of things that look like intimacy, but intimacy is a very personal thing and to have intimate personal relationships between a man and a woman, this is what can change the world.

Echoing Father McVerry's comments, Archbishop Chong said as the leader of the church in Fiji, "I see this as a very important dimension of the church".