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FWCC, community fight against violence

Dawn Gibson
Sunday, December 15, 2013

FOR the first time ever, villagers from Tamavua Village took part in a community sports and awareness program which they organised with the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre.

The program featured discussions on domestic violence in the country, which FWCC executive director Shamima Ali spoke about in detail.

"A country is measured by how it treats its women, and so are villages and communities," Ms Ali told the villagers.

"In the national survey that we released recently, we found that 64 per cent of partnered women in Fiji suffer from physical and/or sexual violence."

Ms Ali said such violence had major negative impacts on the lives of women and children within the country.

"This is absolutely shameful for a country that prides itself in its beautiful sandy beaches and friendly people. The highest rate of domestic violence also is among i-Taukei communities.

"Sexual assault is not a reconcilable offence and sports days like this are a great way to promote non-violence. We're in the festive season now, there will be a lot of merry making and I urge you to enjoy yourselves but please be responsible."

Ms Ali said men should take this opportunity to "make us proud of you."