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Authority launches plan

Dawn Gibson
Sunday, December 15, 2013

THE National Fire Authority has launched its new Strategic Planning Framework for 2013-2017.

Speaking at the launch on Friday, NFA board chairman Commander Francis Kean said it would mean the betterment of the authority's national coverage and allow them to approach fire safety in a more holistic way.

"Services provided by NFA are no longer limited to only fire-fighting and fire related rescue services but to broader emergency management services which is in line with government's intent for NFA to become a lead agency in responding to any emergency.

"NFA also recognises that its employees are the most important resources," he said.

"Employees play an important role in moving NFA forward and the achievement of the key performance indicators and it is important they take ownership of the plan."

Commander Kean said with the role of NFA being broader, its core functions had expanded.