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NFA fire caution

Dawn Gibson
Sunday, December 15, 2013

WITH Christmas around the corner, the National Fire Authority's new chief fire officer Qionilau Moceitai has warned parents to take extra care of their houses and their children in making sure they minimise fire risks.

Mr Moceitai said prevention was key when it came to minimising the risk of home fires around the country.

"It's important for parents especially to teach their children about the dangers of fires in the home and teach them about prevention," he said.

"Things like putting things away properly, if something's cooking, keep an eye on it and make sure children are not in way of danger."

Echoing Mr Moceitai's comments was NFA CEO John O'Connor who said the community needed to work together and be more vigilant during the festive season.

"Unattended cooking and improper extinguishment of cooking appliances have led to burning of homes and it is very important that people are mindful of this important fire safety.

"Homeowners must ensure to check all their electrical appliances as it must be switched off properly."