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Ratu Jale was committed to serve

Repeka Nasiko
Sunday, December 15, 2013

SERVING his people was one of the greatest legacies the late Tui Tavua Ratu Jale Weisele Kuwe Ratu would always be remembered for.

Speaking at the funeral service for the late chief yesterday, Methodist Church of Fiji president Reverend Dr Tuikilakila Waqairatu said Ratu Jale provided a great example for future leaders to follow.

"His dedication to serving his people is something that we must learn from and we should from his commitment to his people," said Rev Waqairatu.

"He wanted to serve his people and he wanted to serve his vanua, his church and he is a person that gave himself to the work that he was given."

He said the late chief was a dedicated man of God.

"He gave himself to his faith and to his church.

"He served as a lay preacher in his church in America and when he came back to Fiji, he told the Methodist Church in Fiji that he was willing to work for the church.

"With that strength of service, Ratu Jale was able to do his work to the best of his ability and serve the people that he was called to serve."

Also remembering the late Tui Tavua was his daughter Adi Ana Fetetuki Tubuleca Ratu Tarere who spoke on behalf of Ratu Jale's family.

She said her father was an accommodating man who was committed to providing for his family.

"Ratu never complained and smiled through the hardships that he faced from his role as Tui Tavua.

"Ratu loved his people dearly and his beloved vanua," she said.