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Island brothers turn foe on pitch

Arin Kumar
Saturday, December 14, 2013

FRIENDS will become foes when two teams from the same island face each other in a cricket match today.

Moce I will take on Moce II in the Suva Cricket Association weekly competition at Albert Park.

Representing the same island and reputation but different teams, the men from Lau will play at 2pm on ground two.

Competition official Mohammed Ali expects the match to be a cracker and one that will draw a huge crowd. "Both these teams have a huge following on the main land," he said.

"The Lauan community is always present and are the most vocal during the games."

Ali said the two major aspects of the sport would be the difference between the two teams.

"Moce I is very good at batting. They have recorded some very high scores in the competition.

"As for Moce II, their bowling is accurate and the fielding is tight. They have restricted their previous opponents to low run rates.

"This match will surely be a cracker and the crowd will love it."

Meanwhile, Novotel VICC will defend the Perpetual Cup against BSP Titans at 11am on ground one.

"This is a difficult one to call because both sides are evenly matched.

"This will be an interesting match because we have drawn up the draws for the next few weeks and the next challenger will depend on who wins this match.

"If VICC retains the title, they will have to defend the title next weekend against Army.

"Army are a champion side and have a chance of winning the Perpetual Cup whenever they challenge for it.

"But if BSP wins the title tomorrow (today), Army will miss out because BSP will face Moce I in their next match."

In other matches, Yadrana will take on Ono-i-Lau at 8am on ground one and Komo will face Nasaqalau at 2pm.

On ground two, Police and Oneata will battle at 8am, SGSOB will face Covenant Brothers at 11am and Army will play Sarafui at 4pm.