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YMCA gym hosts inaugural wellness awards night

Rashneel Kumar
Saturday, December 14, 2013

THE Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) hosted the inaugural Fiji Wellness Awards last night at its gym in Suva.

The event was organised to honour its members' achievements in promoting healthy living.

YMCA's mission is to enable young people through its program to develop as individuals and to build a multiracial nation on values of God's Kingdom.

It offers various programs ranging from boxing, karate, hapkido, zumba, bodybuilding, volleyball and basketball to achieve its goal.

Association president Sunia Cama Jr said the awards night was organised in line with the World Health Organisation's wellness programs run in Fiji and around the world.

He said they were hoping to make the event an annual affair.

The major YMCA King award went to Anand Kumar of Shipping Services Limited while pharmacist lecturer Zeenat Raj scooped the YMCA Queen award. Both are taking part in all the programs offered at the YMCA Gym.

"Plans are there to implement more programs next year.

"We have a healthy number of members and we hope to increase the number next year," Cama said.

National Fire Authority chief executive John O'Connor was the chief guest at the function last night.