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Young chess stars off to world event

Arin Kumar
Saturday, December 14, 2013

TWELVE-year-old Menash Fareed and Kabrina Terubea, 15, will represent the country at the Youth Chess Championship in Dubai next week.

The two will leave the country on Monday for the tournament in the United Arab Emirates.

Fiji Chess Federation president Dr Virgilio de Asa said they were trying to groom the two players to be Fiji's youngest reps to the Chess Olympiad in Norway next year.

"These two have very good potential and two of Fiji's top junior players," he said.

"Them competing in the youth championship bodes well for the sport in the country because it will give them good exposure and experience."

For Terubea, this will be her second international competition after representing the country in the Olympiad last year in Istanbul, Turkey.

This will be Fareed's first major international competition and Dr de Asa said he could cause major upsets at the event.

"He is still young but in the Oceania Championship early this year, he caused some good upsets against older and much experienced opponents.

"He even beat the national champion of the Solomon Islands and was one win away from becoming a Candidate Master.

"And just last week during our national championship, he beat senior players Ashish Gautam, Goru Arvind and Noel Adricula."

"As for Kabrina, she is a good player and will gain good experience at the event."

He said Fareed would compete in the under-14 competition while Terubea will compete in the U16 grade.

"We wish them all the best in their games next week and expect some good results."

The Youth Chess Championship will be held from December 20 to 27.