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Graphic images worry

Repeka Nasiko
Saturday, December 14, 2013

THE driver of a vehicle that veered out of control along the Nabuna flats in Tavua causing the death of two teenagers on Wednesday is yet to be charged by police.

Police media liaison West Naina Ragigia said the elder brother of accident victim, 19-year-old Seleima Vukuduadua, was still in police custody.

"We haven't charged him yet because we are still trying to ascertain what exactly caused the car to veer out of control," she said.

"We are also trying to find out how he managed to get a rental car when he only had a provisional licence.

"We will also talk to the rental company that gave him the car."

She said police investigators had issued a request to the Land Transport Authority to cancel the driver's licence.

Meanwhile, police are also investigating the posting of graphic images from the accident on social media sites.

"We have seen the pictures and we would like to remind the public that those are evidence and can be used for our investigations," she said.

"People have to be more careful with the circulation of these pictures because they are sensitive and can offend a lot of people."

She said while the pictures were now on the public domain, people had to be more sensitive to the victims and their families.

She said the police would also look into the circulation of the images.