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Wait for lights

Luke Rawalai
Saturday, December 14, 2013

THE Ministry of Works has handed over six lighthouses built in the Mali waters to the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji.

Ministry's permanent secretary Commander Francis Kean said the lights for the $1.3million project would be installed next month.

"The six lighthouses constructed by the Department of Works in the North have been completed," he said.

"We have handed over the six lighthouses to MSAF.

"We are now awaiting the arrival of the six lights from overseas prior to installation in early January."

"The characteristics of these lights are determined by MSAF and will be installed by the navigational aids section in the ministry under Government Shipping Services."

Cdr Kean said the six lighthouses would benefit all mariners who sail or operate in the area.

He added that the lighthouses would help the commercial maritime pilots who command the sugar bulk carriers into Malau and other ships that require mandatory pilotage.

"These lighthouses draw attention to underwater maritime dangers and provide direction to navigable waters," he said.

"The six include two at the Mali Passage, Vorovoro Island, Maori Shoal and the last two off Malau Wharf.

"The construction works were undertaken on behalf of the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji."