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FSC: Positive outlook

Felix Chaudhary
Saturday, December 14, 2013

THE head of the Fiji Sugar Corporation believes that the outlook for the sugar industry remains positive despite the European Union's decision to remove preferential access for African Caribbean Pacific sugar-producing countries from 2017.

FSC executive chairman Abdul Khan said measures put in place by the government and the implementation of the sugar strategic action plan would ensure sustainability and continuity for the industry.

"I still believe that the future for our sugarcane industry is very positive," he said.

"The strategies and the intensive capital development program that we are implementing will ensure that all the stakeholders of the industry benefit in the long term."

Government reforms under the plan should result in 9000 hectares of new cane over three years in an effort to increase production by 500,000 tonnes.

Increasing yield per hectare is also part of the sugar action plan, with an intention to take sugar production from less than two million tonnes for the past few years to 5.25 million tonnes by the year 2022.

Mr Khan said the current trend of producing 45 tonnes per hectare had to increase to about 100 tonnes of sugar cane per hectare to achieve the set targets.