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Best friends forever

Torika Tokalau
Saturday, December 14, 2013

WAISEA Tava and his best friend, three-year-old Tyson — a Belgium Shepherd, stood out as they graduated with 10 other handlers and canines at the K9 Unit, Naboro Corrections Facility passing-out yesterday.

Mr Tava and Tyson received the loudest applause when they completed the obstacle course.

While other handlers guided their canines with a leash through the course, Mr Tava took Tyson's leash off at the start of the course which allowed the Belgium Shepard to complete it on its own.

"Tyson and I began our relationship when he was only four months old.

"It was hard at first, I had to work really hard to bond well with him but after six months together, we were the best of friends," Mr Tava said.

"I count him as my own brother.

"We sleep together, sometimes we eat together. The bond that we share is special and I believe that's what set us apart at the passing-out."