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Suva v'ball rewards players

Arin Kumar
Friday, December 13, 2013

THE Suva Volleyball Association will host its awards night tonight to thank the players for a successful season.

Although the season has just begun and the FBC-sponsored association has hosted only two rounds of games, they wont be deterred.

Association president Sakiusa Taubale said they had a very good reason for hosting their award night.

"We did not have one last year," he said.

"So we will definitely have one this year and it will be on Friday night (tonight)."

He said the main reason for the awards night was to thank their players.

"The reason for our success is our players and it is them we would like to thank.

"We would like to thank them for all the success, the memories and for their efforts."

Taubale said they would not get carried away during the festive season.

"The competition has taken a break for Christmas and New Year but our squad for the Vulaca Championship started training earlier this week.

"Training has already begun and its going well so far.

"We understand that it's the festive season and its also our awards night but we will ask those players who are training to be considerate of what to eat.

"It takes a long time to get to the required fitness level but all it takes would a few days to lose it.

"So we want our players to stay fit and healthy so that they can continue training and we just work on skills and not fitness."

He said they would resume their season on the second week of January.