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Ratu Cakobau Park upgrade completed

Rashneel Kumar
Friday, December 13, 2013

NAUSORI'S Ratu Cakobau Park is ready to host games following the completion of the upgrading works which has been underway for about a year.

In a statement, Nausori Town Council special administrator Napolioni Masirewa said they would be able to host a few major events next year.

However he said the conditions of the turf required regular maintenance to keep it in shape.

"It will need regular intervals for upkeep and the number of games played on Ratu Cakobau Park number one would be limited to the provincial games and national ones," Masirewa said.

"Only some club games may be permitted under limited conditions. This has become necessary to protect the integrity of the turf."

The ground size has met the international size of 120 metres length by 80m width following the upgrade.

Masirewa said more games could be played at the Ratu Cakobau Park ground two.

He said they eventually needed to look at the prospect of building extra grounds in the vicinity to house more local competitions.

Masirewa said they were hoping to repair the pavilion during the year.

"Delays have been experienced throughout the year because of the weather and accessibility of equipment and resources but we are moving forward from now on.

"We hope to host a few major games in rugby and soccer in 2014 and we will be discussing with these sporting associations the new conditions regarding the usage of the park."

The council has also fixed the drainage system and placed industrial sprinklers for the watering of the turf.

The Uluinakau 7s will be the first event played on the new turf early next year.