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Market ready to open

Repeka Nasiko
Friday, December 13, 2013

THE new Rakiraki Municipal Market complex will open next year.

The new facility was completed this month and cost authorities $300,000 to build.

Rakiraki Town Council interim special administrator Ralulu Cirikiyasawa said the council hoped to open the new complex this year.

"When work was completed, we wrote a letter to the Ministry of Local Government asking for the complex to be opened this month," Mr Cirikiyasawa said.

"The ministry has told us that there are other issues we need to sort so this would delay the official opening of the market to next year."

According to the council, the building will also provide overnight accommodation to women market vendors who travel from afar to sell their produce.

"This will be very beneficial to the women as they will be able to sell their produce in Rakiraki.

The town also won the Commitment to Business Award during the Fiji National University's Business Excellence Awards at Sheraton Resort and Spa recently.

Mr Cirikiyasawa said this award was a psychological boost for his fellow council workers.

"It is a great achievement that we entered the competition for the first time and won."