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New homes bring joy

Repeka Nasiko
Friday, December 13, 2013

FIVE families from Nawaqarua Village in Ba received much-needed housing assistance from a religious organisation based in Vancouver, Canada.

The newly-built homes, that cost $30,000, were officially handed over this week to the families by British Columbia Muslim League Association president Musa Ismail.

Mr Ismail said the group was happy to help the village.

"This is what we do," Mr Ismail said.

"We're a faith-based organisation that offers assistance to families from poor communities and those who have lost things during natural disasters.

"It's in our teachings to help our fellow human beings who are in need so when we heard about this village in Fiji, we decided to come forward and offer them our help."

He said the group also had projects in Haiti, Philippines and countries in the Middle East.

Nawaqarua Village headman Watisoni Naisogo said the village would always be grateful to the group.

"This is the last village along the Ba River before it reaches the sea and we have always been one of those communities that are greatly affected by floods," he said.

"Some homes have been destroyed and rebuilt, only to be taken away by another flood.

"But this time, the homes built by the BC Muslim League Association are far from the river ensuring they are safe from floodwaters."

New house owner Tevita Bana said the homes were an early gift for the family.

"We did not spend a single cent on the construction work and for that we are very grateful," he said.