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$935k honey production

Luke Rawalai
Friday, December 13, 2013

FIJI has produced about $935,000 worth of honey so far this year.

Agriculture Ministry's national co-ordinator Honey Industry, Kamal Prasad said local bee farmers produced 93.5 tonnes of honey.

Mr Prasad said they expected to produce more honey as the peak season approached.

He said honey was a lucrative product worth $10 a kilogram in the local markets.

"The North managed to produce 4.7 tonnes of honey this year from 1848 hives," he said.

"We have 487 farmers out of which 250 are from the North and they are all operating successful bee farms around the country. These are the main contributors to the honey industry.

"On a national scale we have around 2500 hives in bee farms around the country."

Mr Prasad said they aimed to achieve the 10 to 12 tonnes of honey production earlier planned for the North.

"These estimated figures should rake in around an average of $100,000.

"Fiji has a potential of producing 500 tonnes of honey annually to meet local and external demands and this means that we need to have a total of 50,000 bee hives in order to be able to produce this amount of honey.

"We are expecting to produce around 200 tonnes of honey this year in total although we still fall short by our maximum production estimate of 300 tonnes."

Mr Prasad said many factors affected honey production and one of these included the weather.