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Stores extend hours to cater for festive spirit

Dawn Gibson
Friday, December 13, 2013

AS Christmas looms, more department stores have begun to extend their closing times to allow for additional buying.

Some department stores doing this include MHCC, TappooCity and the brand new complex Damodar City Centre.

Suva Retailers Association president Himmat Lodhia said this was often a good way to facilitate customer demands during such a busy time.

"Larger department stores and some other stores which have adequate security in position have extended their business hours, so we as the association have decided to leave it to the members to decide for themselves whether they want to open up late or not," Mr Lodhia said yesterday.

"Generally we find that when it comes towards the festive season, particularly on weekends, where some of the shops do open for longer hours, we have found that all the larger malls and complexes tend to come into play with the extended hours."

He said although a number of larger shopping areas were likely to extend their hours, it was not necessarily something smaller shops did because of a lack of security.

"Most of the small and medium sized businesses along Cumming St, for security reasons, they don't open too late."

He said the association appreciated the effort put in by businesses to cater for customer needs.