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Volleyball coach cracks the whip

Jone Kalouniviti
Thursday, December 12, 2013

NEW Lautoka volleyball coach and former national rep Semi Qio says players in the Sugar City need to fully grasp the importance of time management and discipline if they want to make a mark at national tournaments.

Qio, who has been part of the champion Suva association for the past few years and also Nadawa, says this has been his major challenge since being handed the reins to coach Lautoka last month.

"For the past few years Lautoka has always made the numbers or never competed at all, and rarely has it stamped its mark at national tournaments.

"It's like we have to start from square one, attitudes are still laid-back, people still turn up late for training and even the Saturday club games," Qio said.

"The Western Rally is only a month away and we are supposed to be in full flight with preparations if we have the Vanua Challenge title in mind later on.

"I thank those who have been attending the games and training fully, it would be better if all have the same attitude.

"We have a lot of talented people here in the West, I think the challenge is for the association to make the competition more attractive and incentive-based so players can respect time and also prepare well."

Qio said though training had started for the Lautoka team last month, he still feels things could improve to another level if all are committed to the task.

"There is no other way but to respect these simple values of the game, and training is a major component."

Qio says Suva and Raiwai associations are the undisputed champions of Fiji volleyball because of attitudes.

"As a coach I will do my best, but players have to meet us at halfway."

At the knockout tournament last Saturday at the Lautoka Multipurpose Courts to finalise the selection for the Western Rally scheduled for January end, 2014, competition did not begin until after 10am.

"We have another good month to prepare so I am very hopeful everyone will rise to the challenge."

Qio said like all minor sports in Fiji, volleyball did not offer much incentives so it is a question of having a passion for the game.