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End the violence

Serafina Silaitoga
Thursday, December 12, 2013

THE interest from communities in wanting to know more about ending violence against women and children has increased in the North.

Fiji Women's Crisis Centre team leader North Sera Bogitini said more people had opened up and have become confident to discuss their issues.

With the celebration of Human Rights Day in Labasa on Tuesday, Mrs Bogitini said the response from the community was positive compared with past years.

"People are coming out more now to seek advice and ask a lot of questions about how they can end violence against women and children," she said.

"The survivors and victims are also visiting us to ask us about options that can be taken to help rescue them from their situations.

"For me, it means these people have the confidence to confront organisations like FWCC and ask for help."

Mrs Bogitini said the positive attitude was a result of increased awareness in the community.

"There are various organisations conducting awareness in communities.

"Ending violence against women and children is no longer a private matter.

"It is everybody's business and it is everybody's role to end violence against women and children."

Mrs Bogitini said even the visitors who were at the centre asked a lot of questions about the counselling program.

"Most women were interested in knowing how our counselling program works and how do we deal with children.

"There is a different way of counselling children compared to adults and it was good to see their interest."