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Rest house closed

Salaseini Moceiwai
Thursday, December 12, 2013

SOME passengers have voiced their concerns over the newly-built rest house at the Taveuni jetty that has not been opened to the public despite delayed open early this year.

Passenger Ame Natai said it was only fair for relevant authorities to open the house because people wanted to use it.

"Passengers usually come and wander around with their luggage. When it rains, we have nowhere to go," Mr Natai said.

"This is a well-structured facility and it would really be a relief if the public uses it while they wait for ferries."

Another passenger Litiana Maivuna shared similar sentiments saying it was really sad to see people standing around the jetty without being housed under a proper shelter.

She said the arrival of vessels was sometimes delayed prompting passengers to wait for longer hours in the hot sun or rain.

Acting commissioner Northern Alipate Bolalevu said they were going to award the tender to the suitable applicant who would take good care of the facility.