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Parking space concern

Luke Rawalai
Thursday, December 12, 2013

A NUMBER of taxidrivers in Labasa have raised concerns on the move to allocate parking spaces for vehicles at the town's civic centre.

Taxidriver Vijay Kumar said allocating parking spaces was solely the responsibility of the Fiji Roads Authority so it was strange to see the Labasa Town Council making decisions on this.

Another taxidriver Feroz Ali said the new parking space would limit space that vehicles use along the affected road.

Responding to these concerns, Fiji Roads Authority CEO Neil Cook said the Labasa Town Council had the powers to carry out the functions of allocating parking spaces.

"FRA is fully in charge of all roads in the country but we have delegated our powers to authorities in assisting us to maintain our roads," Mr Cook said.

"We do not want to replicate the functions of certain offices like the town council that has already been in place before we came in.

"Town councils have been delegated with the powers to maintain parking meters and enforce parking meter laws."

Mr Cook said the town councils allocated parking spaces as they saw fit because they knew the layout of their towns well.