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Police conduct interviews in recruitment drive

Salaseini Moceiwai
Thursday, December 12, 2013

TWENTY-YEAR-OLD Nemani Keni of Matailabasa hopes to be a police officer so he can be part of an organisation that looks after the security and welfare of the people of Fiji.

The USP student was among 84 candidates who went through personal interviews during day two of the Fiji Police Force's recruitment drive in Labasa yesterday.

Mr Keni said it would be a relief if he was recruited because it would not only mean a better life for his family but also his role as a concerned citizen of the country.

"I have always wanted to be a police officer because I want to contribute my skills and knowledge to the betterment of the force," he said.

"I know that my contribution will somehow help the force in a more effective way.

"I understand that the force is looking for qualified people who have the heart to carry out its missions and visions and I am hoping to be part of this positive drive.

"If I am chosen, I would also be able to help my family financially."

Candidates were called for the personal interviews after sitting for the police aptitude and agility test on Tuesday.

The successful candidates will march into camp for a 16-weeks training early next year.