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Speed analysis for stakeholders

Torika Tokalau
Thursday, December 12, 2013

SPEED is a major issue on the road.

And in their efforts to try to understand it, the Land Transport Authority began a National Speed Limit Review Consultation Workshop in Suva on Tuesday.

Two professionals from the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore are teaching stakeholders from police, Fiji Roads Authority, Ministry of Transport and local municipal councils the scientific analysis on speed.

"Speed is a part of the major issues in any traffic study because they are a bearing of traffic control and traffic accidents," one of the two professionals Gopinath Menon said.

"The workshop is trying to bring some scientific analysis on speed. So they are learning this by going to the sites, getting the information and coming back to analyse the speeds."

Following their first assessment, Mr Menon said the speed in Fiji did not look too dangerous.

"But it is from here that we will assess all our data to see if they are safe, if they are reasonable and we will let the Fiji officials decide what to do with what we have collected."

The workshop ends tomorrow.