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Health centre for village

Repeka Nasiko
Thursday, December 12, 2013

YEARS of travelling to the Ra Maternity Unit and the Rakiraki Hospital by boat will soon be a thing of the past for villagers of Navitilevu district in Ra.

The village will soon have a health centre situated at Nayavuira Village where the four villages within the district will be able to receive basic health care without having to spend precious finance on travelling to Rakiraki Town.

Navitilevu district representative Ilitomasi Vara said the health centre was a result of government assistance to the district.

"We had made submissions to government a while ago that we were in desperate need of a health centre," he said.

"Our main concern was that many of our pregnant women were not getting health care at the most critical times of their pregnancies.

"We don't have proper roads so our main mode of transport is by boat."

Mr Vara said the difficulty in travelling to main health centres in Rakiraki made it impossible for some people to get urgent health care.

"Because of this some women just gave birth at home."

He said the health centre would have a maternity unit and an examining area for other villagers to receive attention from medical officials.

"There will be a nursing quarters so a nurse will be here at the village all the time for us.

"This will not only benefit us but also the other three villages of the Navitilevu district," he said.

A government delegation from the Ra district office visited the health centre on Tuesday afternoon to inspect the progress of the construction being carried out by the Ministry of Works.

The health facility is expected to open next year.