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Incorrect village names

Luke Rawalai
Thursday, December 12, 2013

THE misspelling and the mispronunciation of iTaukei village names and language is not a laughing matter.

iTaukei Affairs Ministry permanent secretary Savenaca Kaunisela has called upon all iTaukei to stand up and correct people on the improper usage of their language in order to protect it.

Speaking on the concerns of certain villagers in Macuata province regarding the issue, Mr Kaunisela said iTaukei people had a duty to consult with public service providers on the correct usage and spelling of their village names.

"The ministry is also on the verge of creating a legislation to look into the protection of iTaukei art forms, cultural heritage and language," he said.

"At the moment they are vulnerable to being used by others for their own gains and can be changed as people wished because there is no legal deterrent to stop this from taking place.

"Art forms, cultural things that are sacred to the iTaukei people for they connect them to their identity as a race."

Referring to the incorrect usage of village names Mr Kaunisela said most iTaukei people failed to act when they faced these incidents.

"It's a concern because some of our iTaukei people make a joke of these new names that have been created through the years."