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Tribute to a hero

Dawn Gibson
Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A SPECIAL tribute was paid to the late Nelson Mandela yesterday by members of the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre and their counterparts, who discussed his legacy and how Fijians could work towards aligning themselves with his teachings.

Speaking at the tribute was FWCC executive director Shamima Ali, who said leaders in Fiji needed to realise that racism and discrimination were not the teachings of Mandela and Fiji would never progress if they continued to bicker over these issues.

"We mark today the passing of a great leader, Nelson Mandela," Ms Ali said. She added he was an example for leaders in the country.

"I really think they should start looking at the way he lived and what he stood for, he was not a racist, he fought for his people and he respected and fought for human rights."

Ms Ali said she hoped Fiji would move towards a less discriminating future as the country moved closer to elections.

"I hope the people of Fiji will rebuild our country based on human rights, the rule of law and democracy for all people who live in the country."