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Ability to adapt to climate change

Repeka Nasiko
Wednesday, December 11, 2013

FOCUSING on children and adapting to the effects of climate change was the focus of a child-centred program led by the Partners in Community Development Fiji.

The program being carried out in the district of Navitilevu, Ra, has brought about changes within the community clearly threatened by rising sea levels.

PCDF project officer Watisoni Lalavanua said the Child Centred Climate Change Adaptation (4CA) project focused on equipping children with knowledge on the effects of climate change and their ability to adapt to the change.

"This is a way for the children of Navitilevu villagers to be educated about the changes that are occurring in their villages and their coastlines," Mr Lalavanua said.

"The children are the future of the villages and it is important that they are taught the effects of climate change and what they can expect will happen to their village 40 years from now.

"More than 40 years ago, the village elders said the meeting house was in the middle of the village, now it is right beside the beach.

"So the rising waters will continue to rise and the children will be the ones to witness these changes."

Yesterday, the PCDF team was at Nasau conducting workshops for the children in the village. The team is working with the Pacific Community Integrated Disaster Risk Reduction.

"They have been coming to the village to raise awareness on climate change and educate our children about the effects," village headman Jone Tabaukaucoro said.

"Our children will have this knowledge from the group and have also been informed by our elders on what they can do to adapt to the environmental changes in the village."

The project is funded by Plan Australia, a project under AusAID.