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Be more 'Christ-like', leaders urge

Dawn Gibson
Wednesday, December 11, 2013

CHURCH leaders are encouraging their congregations and members of the general public to be more "Christ-like" in their behaviour, particularly when dealing with women, especially their wives.

At a Fiji Council of Churches retreat yesterday, the attendee from The Salvation Army of Fiji, Major Uraia Dravikula, said the role of the church was important in laying foundations for men to treat their wives with respect and not like "slaves".

"These must be preached from the pulpit.

"I think that there is a misunderstanding of male and female roles in the family, it is important that women are helped out of such vicious cycles," Maj Uraia said.

"Husbands must respect and treat their wives like Christ treats the church. He gave his life for the church and women must be respected in the same way."

Echoing his sentiments was Father Anthony Lemuelu from the Coptic Orthodox Church, who said the Coptic Church did not tolerate men who did not treat their wives with respect.

"We have zero tolerance for violence against women and children in our church.

"We preach peace and love, love for your God, your neighbour, for everyone. We strongly support the peace, love and care of children and women in Fiji because that's the only way to create a peaceful country," Fr Anthony said.