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Churches involved in awareness

Dawn Gibson
Wednesday, December 11, 2013

MORE initiatives are being created by churches around the country with the sole aim of shedding light on the subject of gender violence.

And the Anglican Church is playing its part in cultivating better people who use their spiritual lives to create safer spaces for women within their communities.

In light of yesterday's national report launch on the state of violence against women in Fiji, Dean of the Holy Trinity Cathedral Reverend Claude Fong Toy said the Anglican Church had created a counselling centre for troubled women in the congregation who wished to speak about their problems to someone.

"The House of Sera is an organisation run by the women of the church to provide a space and counselling for some women that are going through all of these abuses and are being violated," Mr Claude explained.

"And just last week, they organised something for the ecumenical gathering, it was a half-day workshop on how the church misinterprets scripture sometimes and how it relooks at God's love."

He said the church was also actively involved in getting men within the congregation to take part in similar initiatives which worked towards the overall goal of raising awareness on violence against women.

"The Simeon Ministry has come out of the Holy Trinity Cathedral and is made up of men who go out to villages and churches and talk to other young men, especially young couples about raising the issues of violence.

"In the last couple of years, the Anglican Church has very much engaged in practical ways with this issue and looking at the stats of violence against women, we definitely need more of this."