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Women's right to plan family

Dawn Gibson
Wednesday, December 11, 2013

IN light of World Human Rights Day which was officially marked yesterday, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Pacific highlighted the need for women to understand and realise their right to plan.

This right particularly addresses the rights women have to plan their own family, including the spacing out of children and the number of children she wants to have.

"As communities, we need to recognise the right that every women has to plan her life and if there is a family included then so be it, but she must be able to make these decisions herself," explained UNFPA Pacific sub-regional office representative and director Dr Laurent Zessler in a statement yesterday.

"The number and spacing of children has implications on their education and their wellbeing."

Echoing Dr Zessler's comments was Minister for Women Dr Jiko Luveni, who said the ministry was witnessing progress in terms of commitment to women's sexual and reproductive health in Fiji.

"We are committed to providing an enabling environment for the progress of women and adolescent girls; this collaboration will mean women around the country will have knowledge of sexual and reproductive health-related issues," she said.