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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Kyle Brown, SA Sevens captain, Cup winners: "This whole weekend has been difficult to put into words. From Friday to playing so well yesterday and carrying that momentum into day two. Last year we lacked consistency, and this is what we are aiming for, just going up and up and up. But we are just over joyed here. To play in this stadium on such an emotional weekend, this is the best feeling in the world right now."

Frankie Horne: "We have lost a former President, he was one of the great icons. We have such a diverse culture here and he tried to build a nation through sport and specifically rugby so this is just a great way to remember him by. We came close to winning two years ago, and tonight we stuck to our guns and it came off for us."

Neil Powell, SA Sevens coach: "It's an unbelievable feeling, all the credit to my guys, they gave their hearts out there. They played for each other and for South Africa and thanks to the crowd I think they carried us through that final. The guys showed their character and pulled it through at the end so I am very proud of each and every guy tonight. To be able to respect him (Nelson Mandela) and give honour to him in this way is just an incredible feeling."

Viliamu Punivalu, Samoa coach on finishing third: "I feel relieved, it has been a big week. It is hard to pick the boys up after a bad result last week. But they pulled through, they showed a lot of character and they believe in themselves so I give them credit. I knew that performance was in there, absolutely. It was just a matter of the boys believing themselves and working as a team. Now we know it is there we can build on it."

Scotland captain, Colin Gregor, Shield winners: "We are disappointed but after we lost to England we knew we had to come out and show some character and what we are about which we did. It is a fantastic place to play rugby here, there is no more fitting place to play than here, it is an important time for South Africa and I think by playing we've all shown support for the country."

England captain, Tom Powell, Bowl winners: "The boys were disappointed yesterday and there was a lot of heart shown today. We've beaten a lot of good teams today. Amazing experience here, especially with the news a couple of days ago, it's a great Rugby nation and always special to play here."

Viliamu Punivalu, Samoa coach, jubilant after beating Dubai champions Fiji in the Cup quarter-finals: "It was disappointing last week, we messed it up ourselves we weren't consistent and didn't have the right mind-set. But we worked hard all week. I keep telling the boys nobody is safe, we all, including the management have to work for our places in the team."

Nicolas Bruzzone, Argentina captain, after reaching their first Cup semi final of the season: "It seems like that (we are improving every match). We are working hard, listening to the coach, going step by step, and improving. We are doing that but most importantly we are enjoying."

Wales Sevens head coach Paul John: "We had a frustrating day yesterday. To lose four players in one game against New Zealand was a real blow. But that was a huge win for us and extra points for us. There's pride in the shirt."