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Sailing event ends on a high note

Arin Kumar
Tuesday, December 10, 2013

SKIPPER Manoa Naburelevu and his crew Rochelle van Rooyen grabbed first place ahead of Grahame Southwick and Apimeleki Tuicaucau on countback during the National Sailing Championships on Sunday.

Competition official Deborah Sue said the score between the two top teams and the third and fourth team were the same respectively and the winners had to be decided on count back.

"Skipper Epeli Droma and his crew Tome Taku beat the South Pacific Youth Champion skipper Kaveni Natadra and his crew Sairusi to win third place," she said.

"The sailing conditions in Suva Harbour proved to be extremely difficult with the many unexpected wind shifts, intermittent rain and gusts up to 25 knots.

"Kudos to the kids in their little Optimists who managed to still sail in 20+ knots.

"They also sometimes created an obstacle course that the Hobies had to navigate through and around."