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Beaten during pregnancy

Dawn Gibson
Tuesday, December 10, 2013

SHOCKING statistics have revealed that a number of women in Fiji are beaten during their pregnancy.

In Fiji's National Report on Women, launched yesterday by the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre, a sample population of 3193 women was taken and it was found that 15 per cent of this figure were subjected to beatings during their pregnancy.

"And one third of these women were punched or kicked in the abdomen while pregnant by their husband/partner," the report claimed.

Of this number, 18 per cent of them are iTaukei women.

And in delivering these statistics yesterday, Dr Juliet Hunt, who was the independent consultant supervising and co-ordinating the survey, said it was one of the most disturbing things to read.

"It sounds a lot like torture to me," Dr Hunt said yesterday morning.

"Women living with physical and/or sexual violence are more likely to have unwanted pregnancies; their husbands/partners are also more likely to have prevented them from using contraception."

Not surprisingly, the report stipulated that women beaten during pregnancy were more likely to have had a miscarriage.