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Inaugural climate change conference a success

Torika Tokalau
Tuesday, December 10, 2013

ORGANISERS of the Ecopas Conference are challenging participants to now walk the talk and create new channels for enabling Pacific voices to speak.

The four-day conference ended yesterday at USP's Japan-Pacific ICT Centre.

"We are extremely happy with the outcome as we addressed human dimensions of climate change in the Pacific," conference co-ordinator Professor Edvard Hviding said.

"We are extremely pleased at the diverse voices that have been put together which provided such a range of important messages."

He said a key issue that was brought up was the lack of communication on the likely effects of climate change on the environment and the lives in the Pacific Islands.

"The challenge now is quite general and that is to create new channels to enabling the Pacific voices to speak."

Prof Hviding said the extraordinary drama performance Moana, voices of academics and the debates from powerful policy-makers from the Pacific had made the inaugural conference a success.

"These four days has paved the scene for some extraordinary Pan-Pacific communication."

He said there were already plans for next year's event and a 2015 outing in Europe.

"Next year we will have many smaller events, a drive of activities from out of USP to Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Marshall Islands and several locations where we carry out specific pilot projects.

"The final phase will be towards Europe in 2015.

"Hopefully the Moana performance and large number of delegates from USP and academic institutions in PNG will travel to Europe to participate in a European conference — in that way we will truly have forged Europe-Pacific relations."