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4th on list of 20

Dawn Gibson
Tuesday, December 10, 2013

FIJI has scored one of the highest rates of physical and/or sexual partner violence over a woman's lifetime, when compared with 20 countries around the world which have used the same World Health Organisation methodology calculation.

This was revealed at yesterday's launch of the country's latest National Report on Women, in which emotional, physical and sexual violence tendencies were all documented and evaluated based on a sample population of 3193 women.

"Of all the countries where the methodology has been followed, Fiji is quite high — on the higher end at about fourth, just after Kiribati, Peru and Ethiopia, so it's really quite high," remarked Fiji Women's Crisis Centre executive director Shamima Ali, who launched the report on behalf of FWCC.

"Intimate partner violence is extremely high in Melanesia, although the highest prevalence is in Kiribati with 68 per cent of women experiencing physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetime," the report claimed.

"Current rates of physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence are also extremely high in all Pacific countries, particularly in Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Kiribati and Fiji."

The report claimed that intimate partner violence affects about two in every three women in Fiji.