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Focus on kids

Torika Tokalau
Monday, December 09, 2013

HUNDREDS of children were part of the activities on the second day of the Ecopas Conference — Restoring the Human to Climate Change at USP on Saturday.

Activities included sand sculpturing, mask making, traditional sailing, song contests, poetry slam and an art exhibition.

"We wanted to do something that goes along with the theme of the conference and target the children especially," project team leader for the European Union's Global Climate Change Alliance Sarah Hemstock said.

"Activities like boat rides on traditional boats to promote sustainable sea transports will help grab their attention on the message we want to put out to them.

"Children respond better to activities. They are more likely to take in what you are trying to say by enthusiastically being a part of activities."

She hoped that activities the children took part in would ignite a passion for the protection of the environment.

"Our generation made the rubbish and its our children that will have to clean it up for us.

"By alerting them now of this issue of climate change that is affecting the region and the world, we hope we can equip them to be aware and build up a passion for the sustainability of the environment."