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The human factor

Torika Tokalau
Monday, December 09, 2013

LEADERS of great nations are forgetting the important factor of climate change which is the human factor.

This was the view of Minister in Assistance to the President of Marshall Islands Senator Tony de Brum when he opened the Ecopas Conference at USP yesterday.

"For those of us in the Pacific, climate change is not some complex game; it is a lived reality and one that at its heart is about humanity itself," he said.

He said 2013 has been a struggling year for Marshall Islands and several other Pacific islands as they were affected by dramatic weather changes and relocation.

"Ultimately, the struggle against climate change is becoming more challenging and increasingly desperate across the entire region.

"It is a struggle that has come to be defined by the human stories of those that are living through it."

Mr de Brum said every Pacific Islander had to fight because they didn't have a choice to do anything else.

"We must now use any and every opportunity, big or small, to call to the attention of political leaders to the dilemma we face."

He commended the work done by Pacific governments in leading the way and helping build momentum for the necessary global transition to low-carbon development.

"This is not just an issue for the Pacific."