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Focus on climate

Mere Naleba
Monday, December 09, 2013

A FILM festival was organised yesterday by the University of the South Pacific and the European Consortium for Pacific Studies to educate people on issues surrounding climate change.

Fun filled activities have been mapped out for the five-day ECOPAS program highlighting topics on gender equality, health, climate change and many other issues affecting Pacific Island countries.

The program which began last Friday started with a Pacific Market Day at USP's facilities and the premiere screening of the ECOPAS production titled Moana — the rising of the sea.

A large crowd gathered at USP's Japan-Pacific ICT Multipurpose theatre to witness films which featured the Taveuni Island festival, a Samoa production titled The Children are our Future, Surviving in the Cook Islands, Kind Tides in Tuvalu, a film by the Pacific Island Youth Reef Conservation titled Tumi Tugeta and many others.

With the theme Restoring the human to climate change, many are gathering at USP to be part of the discussions that speaks volume of how the Pacific Island nations are trying their best to survive climate change.

The ECOPAS website said the conference was organised to help members of the public on culture, traditional wisdom, climate change and what it meant to live in a country experiencing climate change.

It also said people living in low-lying island nations were among those who experienced climate change first-hand.

The program continues today with a panel discussion on education and climate change.