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University awards outstanding members

Torika Tokalau
Monday, December 09, 2013

USP's Vice Chancellor and president Professor Rajesh Chandra believes they are making progress in all fields, including research.

He made this remark at the university's awards evening last Friday.

Prof Chandra said the monetary awards to recognise contributions of staff members were a huge achievement.

"We are now bearing the kind of fruit that we hope to see," he said.

The university celebrated research excellence by rewarding its academic staff members for their outstanding publications and by awarding the Vice Chancellor's prizes for excellence in research.

The 2012 Vice-Chancellor's Prize for Best Research Publication was awarded to Klaus Feussner, Kavita Ragini, Rohitesh Kumar Katy Soapi, Proffessor Bill Aalbersberg and Dr Brad Carte for their co-authored publication published in the prestigious journal Natural Product Reports titled: Investigations of the marine flora and fauna of the Fiji Islands.

The Student Research prize went to Jai Goundar for his contributions as lead author of the publication Numerical and Experimental Studies on Hydrofoils for Marine Current Turbines published in the prestigious journal Renewable Energy.

The Innovation prize was awarded to the Timetable Team comprising Dr Anjeela Jokhan, Harsh Saini and Kaylash Chaudhary for the successful development and implementation of USP's first ever timetabling software.

The Research Impact prize was awarded to Prof Bill Aalbersberg for the breadth of his research and his vast contribution to student research training.

Prof Chandra said, "the positioning of USP has never been better and we continue to improve as we want to scale up on our research".