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Wisdom and vision

Avinesh Gopal
Monday, December 09, 2013

NO individual leader, party or institution has a monopoly on the wisdom and vision for Fiji, says a National Federation Party stalwart.

"We need the collective wisdom of a wide cross section of society in this country to create a sustainable vision for the future," said Professor Biman Prasad.

Prof Prasad made the comments at NFP's 50th anniversary celebration in Nadi on Saturday night.

Also, he said "we are now at a critical juncture in our history again".

"What is required now is patience and statesmanship, a steady hand at the helm, to lead our beloved nation back to the fundamentals of true democracy, through democratic means, with the support of our people and not against their will.

"Any solution imposed on the people without their consent will not succeed. That is the lesson of all history. That is why we need to go back to our people to ascertain their will and views to chart our future."

Prof Prasad, who was the guest speaker at the celebration, urged the NFP to seek opportunity in the current situation.

He said the general election to be held under the new Constitution provided an opportunity to start the process of building the country once again.