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Council cleans up fly-infested market

Shayal Devi
Monday, December 09, 2013

SELLING fresh produce in a clean environment is good not only for vendors but consumers as well.

This is the reason the Lautoka City Council conducts fly-spraying at the municipal market.

Special administrator Praveen Bala said this initiative meant healthier and fresher produce for the people.

"This exercise is conducted to keep the place fly free," Mr Bala said.

Mr Bala said his health department observed the marketplace and whenever the number of flies increased, the council stepped in to rid the area of the pests.

He said people reported to the council a few days ago that the number of flies had rapidly increased and thus members of the council did some fly-spraying at the Lautoka Municipal Market early yesterday morning.

"This has been an ongoing operation for a number of months now and it always comes into effect whenever we find out that the number of pests is causing a health hazard for vendors and customers," Mr Bala said.

He added this was a significant event because the market was an important area for the council.

"For us, the vegetables, fruits and fish need to be kept in a place where there are no flies or other pests."

He said this was the way they could ensure the products people took home were safe to eat.