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Be vigilant on roads, police warn drivers

Luke Rawalai
Monday, December 09, 2013

POLICE are sending out a strong warning to drivers to be vigilant on our roads as the festive season draws closer.

This after a vehicle bumped another car in Labasa Town at around 3am on Sunday.

Police spokesman Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri confirmed no one was injured during the incident.

Insp Sokomuri said they continued to receive complaints from motorists about drunkards and merrymakers found staggering in the middle of the roads in the wee hours of the morning.

Insp Sokomuri added motorists needed to be cautious when driving especially with the festive season around the corner as more parties and celebrations were expected.

"We are warning merrymakers to drink responsibly and be mindful of the vehicles on our roads," he said.

"We want to remind people that the roads are meant for vehicles and not people therefore we are advising the general public to be cautious when using our roads.

"The police would also like to appeal to drivers using the Lomaloma S-bend between Savusavu and Labasa to be wary of the area and their speed."

Mr Sokomuri said drivers needed to slow down when approaching the area especially during wet weather and that they were to be mindful of other vehicles travelling to and from Labasa and Savusavu

"Most of the accidents on our roads could be solved if drivers and pedestrians could have taken an extra caution.

"Road safety is the responsibility of all road users therefore we need to play our roles in ensuring that our roads are safer."