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Take advantage

Salaseini Moceiwai
Monday, December 09, 2013

CAKAUDROVE Provincial Council chairman Filise Vuki believes Investment Fiji (IF) plays a vital role in developing the island of Taveuni.

He said IF should hold more workshops and trainings for villagers on the island to equip them with skills and knowledge to start businesses.

Mr Vuki added despite having an abundance of natural resources, people still needed guidance on how to utilise the resources and earn an income from it.

He said it would be a relief if IF stepped in to create effective awareness that would help villagers change their mind-set towards development.

Mr Vuki said such training would help people venture into income-generating projects that would not only benefit them but the whole island.

Tui Laucala Ratu Laginikoro Dakuiyau shared similar sentiments, saying one of the classic examples of positive developments is the five-star Laucala Island Resort.

He said it was about time for the people of Taveuni to take a stand and make a change.

Ratu Laginikoro said Taveuni had what it takes to become one of the most developed islands in Fiji but the onus was on the islanders to take the first step and cultivate their island.

IF manager Northern Talica Ratulevu said at the meeting last week that it was part of their plan next year to visit villages in Cakaudrove and created awareness and training on business investments.

She said similar training would also be held in other parts of Vanua Levu.