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Copra sale up

Serafina Silaitoga
Monday, December 09, 2013

SALE of copra products from the Wholenut Processing Centre on the island of Taveuni has been good.

Principal agricultural officer North John Cox said the centre economically empowered women from rural areas.

"Women who have attended the courses at our centre have been taught how to make the different copra products like earrings, belts, baskets, home decorations, soaps and virgin coconut oil," Mr Cox said.

"These women are from rural areas and they will go back to their villages and teach the other women how to make VCO, soap from copra and home decorations as well. The centre has progressed well this year and received an overwhelming response from the communities."

Mr Cox said some hoteliers and expats on the island were customers of the centre buying a lot of copra products from the women.

"The women also make chicken feed from the dried coconuts used to make VCO. That is why we call it the Wholenut Processing Centre because we make use of the whole nut and nothing is left out.

"Even the husk is being turned into body brush and hotels are ordering this from the centre as well."

Mr Cox said the support from villagers on the island had been outstanding.