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Create a compost

Dawn Gibson
Monday, December 09, 2013

WITH a few small steps, you can create a compost in your backyard using food scraps, vegetable and fruit cuttings and a very small space of land.

And as chicken and egg farmer Guy Dominic explains, "it's a great way to put all your food scraps and even your grass cuttings to use just in your yard".

He defined a compost as something that sped up the decomposition process by providing the best conditions for breaking down of matter.

"And these conditions are a lot of heat and humidity for bacteria to grow faster and because most composts are sealed, the smell is reduced and there are almost no flies around," Mr Dominic said.

"But a compost also produces really good soil, it reduces the size of your garbage and the end result is good soil, so you should try to put it in a spot where you're likely to plant something later."

As long as you keep things such as meat, bones and hard shrubs/roots/sticks out of the compost, everything else you put in there will decompose within a month or two.

"The more matter you put in, the better and it really can be any vegetable or fruit scraps you have lying around at home, particularly leafy vegetables because the green leafy ones biodegrade faster.

"It's also good for when you're cleaning your yard because you can just put all your grass cuttings, small branches and leaves in the composter and for many homes, you can just use a tarpaulin as your composter — so just put all the cuttings in there and roll it up."

He said the compost bin he used at his house had taken him about a year to fill up because the decomposition process was quick and efficient.

"It works to reduce the mass of rubbish you have to a small amount so once you find an ideal spot to put it, you're set.

"And by the end of the year, if you're someone who uses garbage bags a lot, you won't have used any, it saves you money on garbage bags."

So bear in mind that with all the festivities of the season, creating a compost — even using something like a tarpaulin — could save you money, create good soil and remove the stench of rubbish from the interior of your homes.