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Saqamoli day for LOSA city

Tevita Vuibau
Sunday, December 08, 2013

FORMER students of Lelean Memorial School came dressed in their house colours as they gathered for their annual saqamoli day at the Suva Methodist Primary School yesterday.

Chairman of the LOSA saqamoli committee Tevita Tabalailai said the day was organised by the Lelean Old Scholars Association (LOSA) with the aim of building a LOSA city.

He explained it was held at SMPS because that's where Lelean was originally-based.

"Last year we held it on November 19, this year it is December 7 because some of our members from overseas wanted to join in," Mr Tabalailai said.

"The first time we raised about $15,000 and this year is the second time.

"We are holding it here because this is where Lelean started before the World War broke out and they moved from here to Davuilevu — this soil is where the school started at Toorak."

Mr Tabalailai said the LOSA wanted to buy a piece of land from all the money raised during the saqamoli day.

"This year we are trying to go further and do a LOSA project where we wanted to buy a piece of land and build a LOSA city.

"It's quiet ambitious, it's going to be very expensive but we are committed and this is the beginning of achieving the big things and going for the big times.

"So next year we hope to do better than this year," he said.

"We normally collect a dollar each from every member, per month per year, that's about $12 per member every time we collect, that's the minimum."