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Register in VKB

Luke Rawalai
Sunday, December 08, 2013

MOST iTaukei people only recognise the Vola ni Kawa Bula to claim land and title ownership, says Ministry of iTaukei Affairs permanent secretary Savenaca Kaunisela.

Mr Kaunisela said they had seen how people came in to check the VKB for the purpose of claiming titles or land ownership.

"In most cases people only come to register when they want to consult the VKB for the purpose of claiming titles or land ownership," he said.

"All iTaukei people should register their names in the VKB to certify themselves as part of the iTaukei race."

Mr Kaunisela said despite their continuous advice for iTaukei parents to register their children, it had fallen on deaf ears.

He has reminded iTaukei parents that the VKB was an important document that identifies the birthright of iTaukei people.

"It is important for iTaukei parents to register their children in the VKB," he said.

"Parents should register their newborns."

Mr Kaunisela said some parents think that registering their children at the births and deaths registrar's office was the same as registering in the VKB.

"People in our rural areas can also register their children at their respective provincial office," he said.