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Descendants celebrate

Luke Rawalai
Sunday, December 08, 2013

MERRYmaking and feasting were the order of the day as the descendants of Viliame Gauna and Akuila Matawaqa met in Nukuseuta Village to commemorate the first Ligaulevu day.

According to Nukuseuta Village elder Iliesa Wainigale, the people of Nukuseuta in Malau and Vuo Village had a special connection as they were descendants of two brothers who were chosen by a former Tui Labasa to travel to Vanuabalavu for the construction of a church.

Mr Wainigale said his great grandparents were dispatched to Daliconi Village on Vanuabalavu as carpenters.

"When they had completed their task, the eldest of the two, Viliame Gauna decided to return to Vanua Levu and settle in Nukuseuta, while the youngest Akuila Matawaqa made up his mind to stay back on Vanuabalavu," he said.

"While Nukusere was settled, the grandchildren of the late Akuila Matawaqa decided to return to their father's home and build their village at Vuo which is situated beside Nukuseuta.

"This was the beginning of these two villages and Nukuseuta is also known to its people as Ligaulevu i Vanua."

Mr Wainigale said the Ligaulevu day was held to raise money and also get the descendants of the two brothers together.

"We have got families from all over Fiji attending this event and we plan to raise more than $6000 for the hall.

"The hall will cater for special events and village meetings in Nukuseuta."